Character Creation

Allowed Content: Anything that can be found on the pathfinder SRD is acceptable with few exceptions (If something is very clearly game breaking to me I will ban it, such as the Nilbog race.)

Races: Even normally odd races are allowed and may even become standard in the world so the players can fit in without hiding their identity. If a race is extremely farfetched they will be considered rare and unique and NPCs may treat them as such.

Alignments & Behavior: The journey the players will be partaking is one of new beginnings and freedom, thus players can ignore any alignment requirements for classes and prestige classes. The only restrictions on character behaviors is each character must be at least have a willingness to explore, to help the settlers they came there with if they are in danger, and to not clash too roughly with the other characters in the party (Only be a jerk if the whole group is a party of jerks.)

Crafting: For various reasons I'm requiring players to not put skill points into any Craft. Any Magic Item Creation feat a player would gain will be a choice of a Metamagic feat or Combat feat instead.

Starting Level: Lv.1

Starting Attributes: The base values are 16, 14,12, 10, 10, and 8. Associate each to an attribute of your choosing. You can lower any value to raise any other value that is lower so long the new value of the raised number is not higher than the new value of the lowered one.

Feats: Each player gains one feat per level instead of every two levels.

Starting Wealth: 300g

Back-Stories: Characters need not of known each other before their journey to the new island, so long as they are willing to trust the members in their group. Besides the chance to explore uncharted territory, many of the settlers are going to seek new beginnings away from their past or government and starting all over. The players don't need to have the same motivations as mentioned, but they are liable options.

Inventory: I will not be, nor do I expect anyone else to, keep track of the weight of unequiped items. I will still be keeping track of what you gain and if it seems to be getting excessive I will say your bags are beginning to get full. Players each have a small pouch in addition to the normal equipment slots, weight in this pouch stays in effect. All inventory that is not equipped or in a small pouch is considered to be in a special backpack, carried by a servant, on a cart, or something that doesn't burden the players very much. Taking out an item that is not equipped or in a small pouch takes a full-rough action.

Ammunition: When it comes to mundane ammo players only need to pay for one set of ammo or ten pieces if there is no set and they are treated as having an infinite amount during combat. The idea behind this is the characters don't actually have an infinite amount, but rather they always have at least "just enough" by the end of combat.

Character Creation

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