What to expect in the campaign

     This is a list of some of the task that you, the players, may have to do during missions…

Common: Traversing dangerous terrain, fighting off wild beast, hunting monsters and powerful animals, exploring unknown areas

Uncommon: Exploring underground tunnels and ruins, capturing wild creatures, defending NPC's or their goods, harvesting materials from the jungle or its wildlife, 

Rare: Negotiate peace or trade with other civilized tribes, solving domestic issues or mysteries

During Role-play…

   I myself will be doing my best to role play the inhabitants you meet (Not accents), but I'm not very strict on player role play, it is a choice and this is a game more than any thing else. If the role-play begins to take up more than a few minutes on matters that don't have any significance  I will try to move the conversation back on track and will always summarize actions rather than playing them out when it comes to NPCs and unimportant chit-chat.

What to expect in the campaign

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